Okay, I'm not saying this because I don't like the Dodgers


But seriously Yasiel Puig is a piece of shit. He seriously acts like a fucking child 100% of the damn time. It took you a whole 2 minutes after getting hit to figure out you want to throw a tantrum. Seriously your ego needs to come down and you need to stop thinking your the best there ever was….



WRC+ 149 

"No other team fucking wants you"

But I’m sure if he was wearing a Giants uni you wouldn’t feel the same. Please realize that he is in the top 25 of all MLB players in offensive statistics. If you think teams would take Michael Morse or Hunter Pence over Puig you’re on a good one. His contract is a STEAL; EVERY team would die to have this caliber of a player on their team. 

You are part of that archaic thought process of “playing the game right”. But don’t trip, Pagan is being classy when he is doing his stupid ass salute after he gets a base hit. Look how that turned out. 

Thank God Puig smacked a bomb to help this team clinch. You should visit McCovey Chronicles where legit Giants fans hang out (not the ones that are also Rockies fans. wtf?). Even those Giants fans would die for Puig in their outfield. 

Also ask Blanco how he feels about Puig. 

Think I’ll go on a Dodgers tear to celebrate the best team in the NL.